Bama was always going to lose this game...


Jun 30, 2005
But the one thing that was nice about the small crowds last season was the games were called a lot more evenly across the board, as opposed to the home/road splits we are accustomed to. I need to calculate home/road win %s in SEC games from the last few years and see if 2020-2021 stands out as much as it does in my mind.

The refs favored Bama in Tuscaloosa in the first game, which is why it was close. AU is clearly the better team, and with the refs favoring AU early in this one, it is getting out of hand quickly.

This is also why I have a lot harder time watching college basketball when I care about it.

Pops Masterson

All Conference
Jan 8, 2004
I parlayed Bama +6/over 156.

Cautiously optimistic but will be perfectly fine if bama surprises me and wins somehow.

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