Would you add a (counting 8 man) would you add a 7 class.

Dec 18, 2016
I will keep 8 man but I would add a 5A but get rid of class A they can decided if they want to play 8 man or 1A. Move teams that way.

If you want do the district the way you want it. How many teams in a class 4A to 8 man if you want you can add a class if they decided to stay with the RPI.


Aug 20, 2004
To some, I think it comes down to staying at 16 qualifiers or going to 32. If they stayed at 16 my suggestion would be:

5A- Top 16 schools by set criteria of size, success, socio-economic - Only 8 make the playoffs
4A - Next 48
3A- Next 48
2A - Next 48
1A- Next 48
A- Rest who want to play or qualify for 11 man
8 Man - Any school under a Beds of 120. No grandfather clause. I would even think they may want to consider 2 divisions of 8 man.

If they stayed at 32, I would look at something like this
5A - Top 16 Schools based on criteria -8 make the playoffs
4A- Next 64
3A- Next 64
2A- Next 64
1A- The rest of 11 man
2 classes of 8 Man and increase the beds requirement to 130-140.
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Aug 20, 2015
There are two levels of 8 man they are just jammed together. There are those that have to because they are putting smaller younger kids on the field with annual rosters under 20 to 25. Then there is the group of 8 man teams that choose to play 8 man with rosters 25+ that have plenty of kids. Set a number and allow schools to play 8 man if they want to for competitive reasons, then take your bottom 40 to 50 as your group that plays because they can't get the roster numbers. Make a rule that keeps coaches in that group from limiting participation to stay under. Then you don't have to have schools battling to get exemptions so they dont have to bounce from 8 to 11. It becomes a choice. Private schools can then play up with smaller rosters.

I still don't see great cost in switching since you only move the goal posts, but maybe im missing something there.

That's my idea for the smaller end of the scale. Its hard to make a model for those schools match on for 4a.

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