Question on buying quick sale stuff online

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Sep 19, 2002
What is the quickest way to process a transaction online? Credit card or PayPal?

It is an online buy where they post a limited number of the item and they sell out in seconds. I have credit card info stored on the site where all you have to do is enter your 3 digit security code for your card if you try a credit card buy. I can also click the button for a Paypal buy and it processes the transaction that way. I log into PayPal prior to making the transaction so it speeds the transaction.

They tell you what time they will post the item for sale and you have to select it, click buy, and process thru the payment option to get the item. I use the quick key Ctrl-R to refresh page so I can click the item when they post it. Every mouse movement and entry takes time. All your shipping info is stored in their system and you are logged into your account on their site so you don't have to enter any of that stuff.
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