Mike Pence says biden boot heel on American energy…

Jul 20, 2006
Because he wouldn’t violate his oath of office and make Trump a dictator?
Because he violated his oath of office by being complicit with a rigged election.
81 million votes for Retardo Joe?
Even YOU aren’t stupid enough to believe that.


Jun 26, 2001
Bill loves Pence almost as much as he loves Lawrence Welk.
I don’t love Pence. I just said that he is looking like a guy who wants to run for President In his arrack on Biden over energy. The only things I know about Pence is he was the VP under Trump and he refused to assist Trump in trying to over throw the Government. That’s a good thing. I personally don’t know of anybody I would vote for President, pence or anybody else. I definitely know I would not vote for Trump or Biden.
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