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Jan 10, 2006
They let 100's of thousands of illegals each month pour over the southern border and bus/fly them all over the US. Most are COVID positive and not vetted but the admin. could not give two shits.

Figure 3: Estimates of Unique Apprehensions, FY 2005 to FY 2021 through June 2021


Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Congressional Budget Justifications, FY 2008-2022; Monthly Border Patrol Apprehensions, FY 2000-2020; data on file with author.​

Then you got about 200,00 Afghanis that supported the US during our time over there.

From the linked article "National security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on Monday that this vetting includes "biometric and biographic background checks" that must be cleared before Afghan evacuees can be brought to the US or relocated to another country. Biometric vetting often refers to voiceprints, iris scans, palm prints and facial photos.
State Department spokesman Ned Price also said Monday, "When it comes to SIVs, again, all of those who have received instructions to come to the airport have already completed certain stages of the security vetting process."
"So that initial vet on these individuals has been completed. In many cases, they're then taken to a third country, where they will undergo more rigorous vetting if it hasn't yet been completed," Price said"

So the gov't has to vet the people that assisted the US over the last 20 years but a guy from Honduras (and thousands more like him) can just waltz right on in and not one person in the current admin. gives a rat's ass.

Unbelievable that no one is calling the current admin out for their double standard. Everyone should be vetted before being allowed in the US.

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