Day 1


Dec 21, 2018
Loved seeing people on the hardwood again!

Anyone have any more in depth analysis of GVC taking down 2A #4 Albia? Watch out 1A - North Linn and GVC are back.

Gehlen and Ridgeview with strong wins in the NW corner of the state.
Aug 17, 2011
watched the Albia and GVC game online. The Point Guard for GVC Hammons had 34 and looked amazing. Sophomore post Drew Chance had 26 points for Albia per Tony Roe.
Dec 1, 2020
I’m in north central Iowa so I can speak for the teams in our area.

Algona High- will be a decent 3A team this year and will compete in there conference at a high level. However there conference is definitely down this season. Record prediction (13-8)

Algona Garrigan- should win a lot of games because of easy schedule with the conference they are in also being down from previous year. They have two very very good players. One is averaging 29 and 15 and the other is putting up 25 and 8 through there first 2 games. Awful supporting cast. One of the worst combinations of high end talent and awful role players I’ve ever seen. Record prediction (17-4)

Forest City- my favorites to win the top of Iowa West. They have very good depth and are probably one of the most well coached teams in state. There only issue is that there top end talent is
good enough to really make any noise at the 2A level. Noah Miller is a stud, but he needs another person to step up if they want to make state. record prediction (18-4)

Lake Mills- this team is my pick to be runner up in TOI west. Exact opposite of forest city and more akin to Algona Garrigan. Very good top end talent in Linnen and Bacon, however there supporting cast is lack luster at best. I favor forest city because I believe Noah Miller can negate the top end talent difference along with good coaching and better role players. I like lake mills over algona garrigan because even though there top 2 aren’t as good as garrigans, they have better role players. Record prediction (18-4)

West Fork -had a very surprising season last year making it all the way to the final four before falling to state runner ups. They are well coached have two solid players along with a bevy a very savvy players with high basketball IQ. However I can’t state this enough, last years west fork team was a fluke. You can hate on me all you want, but they got extremely lucky with playoff matchups and the other teams getting injuries. I expect this team to win a ton of games because of there pretty awful schedule, and I think they could potentially make state again with the right matchups, but if they do, there going to be a lower seed and won’t be able to keep up with the more talented teams. Record prediction (19-2)

Sorry if there’s any grammatical or spelling errors. Wrote this in a hurry.


Feb 27, 2016
Albia looked to be missing their usual starting post and their head coach also wasn’t there, I’m assuming both were covid related.