Class 4A Prediction

Aug 15, 2022
State championship possible two
Waverly shell rocks, lewis center and North Scott

A couple of spoilers pick.
Indianola, Pella, DCG

Sleeper's Bondurant farrar, Norwalk.

The reason is for these base on last year and what I know.

I just pick Waverly shell rocks and Lewis central because they all ways been at state North Scott because I don't know much about them.

Pella is the question mark. They been good except last year. I went with Indianola due to their quarterback and the wide out coming back DCG has a lot coming back to I believe. Don't really know much.

Sleeping teams I went with us BF due to Their quarterback their runback a top linebacker coming back. Line will be young but do have some experience. Norwalk is because of the quarterback coming back basically it

That's my main prediction

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