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Nov 5, 2001
And a proud member of the Lincoln Project, I'd love to hear your thoughts...

The Atlantic published an article criticizing Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor who cruised to reelection by almost 20 percentage points and is widely expected to challenge former president Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Rick Wilson, the former Republican strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder who spends his days boasting about sleeping with other people's wives on Twitter. He has a clear financial interest in helping Donald Trump win the GOP nomination. He is incorrectly identified as a "Republican media consultant." That's like describing Edward Snowden as an NSA employee

So, how are you now feeling about the Lincoln Project? We should all want Trump now, right? Because these guys are conservatives who are just looking out for the REAL Republican Party, right?

This would be a great time for you to just say, "sorry...I was being ridiculous and I was wrong."
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