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    Congratulations Beasts...

    ...on your win over Alta-Aurelia. Cole Kelly's SEVEN (7) touchdowns in the game has earned him a place among the Legendary Fearsome Eagle Beasts!
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    Updated Football Rankings - 9/20

    Great to see the Next Man Up concept happening in Fearsome Eagle Beast territory!
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    Week 4 Games

    Congratulations BEASTS on your win over St. Ed's!
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    2020 Playoffs

    The Boone People probably can't know. There are teams (won't name names) that seem to cancel games for Plague-related reasons at the drop of a hat ("one player was exposed to the Plague"). There are others that will do the right thing and simply hold out their Plague-infested players and play...
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    Empty thread

    Connect your PC to an old school Flux Capacitor and crank it up the Maximum Power. Make SURE the Power Factor is Leading though!!!! (don't want to lose the Upper Midwest)
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    Johnston 18 Dowling 15 ---------Is this a misprint?
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    Big week 3 games?

    Congratulations Fearsome Eagle Beasts on your win over Garrigan!
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    2020 Class A Season

    Congratulations to the Fearsome Eagle Beasts on their win over FC!
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    Now for REAL football discussions:

    Britt/Kanawha/Hutchins vs. Garner/Hayfield/Ventura/Duncan this Friday night. SKOL FEARSOME EAGLE BEASTS!!!!!
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    Now for REAL football discussions:

    Thanks! Iron Doc is glad to hear this.
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    Now for REAL football discussions:

    Iron Doc was too old & decrepit to make it to the Fearsome Eagle Beast vs. Algona scrimmage tonight. Anyone have any highlights?
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    Now for REAL football discussions:

    Thanks for the Ignore function tip. In unrelated news, the CFL cancelled it's season. :(
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    Now for REAL football discussions:

    Glad to see the posts so far. This site had been taken over by real out there stuff. What we are seeing now is legitimate football talk.
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    Northeast Iowa Conference:

    Who will wind up in the top 3?
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    Now for REAL football discussions:

    May the Out There commentary and general spam comments descend into The Abyss. Speak up why your team is the greatest thing since sliced bread. While we lost a LOT of Fearsome Eagle Beasts, look for the returning Beasts to be solid this year. Reloading, you know.
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    Will there be a 2020 season?

    Question for clarification: Surely a couple of positives wouldn't shut a whole team down, would it? That would be absurd if that would be the case. Just sit the one or two for the 2 weeks (Or whatever) and play on. HS Baseball this year didn't do that (with a few exceptions).
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    Will there be a 2020 season?

    Probably right. :(
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    Will there be a 2020 season?

    Iron Doc is pleased to see Iowa adopt the Minnesota model (everyone makes the FB playoffs). THIS was long overdue, much like introducing the DH into the National League.
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    2020 Season

    Word is (6-4-2020 MC Globe Gazette) that the Iowa DE freed up the Belmond and Eagle Grove SB/BB players to play with other HS teams if those teams will take them. THIS seems to be a good course of action as I consider those two Board's decisions to be ill-advised. Unfortunately there may not be...