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    Openings/Coaching Changes 2019-20

    Also, something is wrong with those numbers I believe because I think he was at Regina at least a couple years with 5-6 win seasons
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    Openings/Coaching Changes 2019-20

    Solon was good throughout the 80's and 90's before Miller, winning a title in 1988 and runner up in 1992, though they were even more dominant under Miller.
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    Favorite Fields in the State

    Sloane Wallace is just a cool old place, full of history. It is weird that the stadium is practially in Cedar Falls, and always weird that the school there is called "Central" when it is not in any way central. Sloane Wallace was at the old site of West Waterloo high school, however, so in...
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    Favorite Fields in the State

    I have been to hundreds of high school games in four states, and I've never seen anything else like Kingston Stadium. It may need some updates, but it's a real, true stadium with so much history. I'm a sucker for fields with character and history. I like Dodger Stadium in Fort Dodge, old...
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    Will there be a 2020 season?

    I haven't logged into Rivals for literally years, but did so to say I do not understand whatsoever the idiotic idea that politicians WANT illness/shutdowns/economic failure/etc. Like,seriously, WTF? I have extremely strong political views and cannot stand many of those in leadership right...
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    I'm an old timer on Rivals who almost never logs in anymore but I really follow the IHSAA playoffs and went to the semis last Friday. And I am also a very devoted Brewers fan and have to ask if brewcrewman1 is too?
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    ***** IN GAME THREAD - Dowling Catholic vs. Cedar Rapids Washington *****

    That floundering Dowling wing-t was part of two state championships, was it night? Having watched most of the 4A championships or semifinals in the last 23 years or so, I'd put those two Dowling teams in my top five 4A teams in that time span.
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    POLL: Will St Eds fail to record this lost in the dome this year is quick stats?

    Clearly, St. Edmond's needs to be kicked out of the IHSAA and their coaches and principals sent to prison.
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    CIty Public Schools

    If Prairie, Linn-Mar or Marion are "city" schools then so are Bettendorf, Cedar Falls, Urbandale and Valley. I think you have to limit it to city school districts or it means nothing.
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    CIty Public Schools

    Washington (and Kennedy, City High, IC West, probably SC East) and some others are much more diverse schools with at least close to as much parent support as the big suburban schools. Iowa has maybe 5-6 really low income, "disadvantaged" schools. Schools like Ottumwa, Burlington, Fort Dodge...
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    The New Trophies?

    I was a little surprised to see $10 but that is still not that much more than you pay for a regular season game, and in the semifinals you can see twelve hours of football for that price. In Wisconsin it is $20 for a whole day, and I have never heard anyone here complain about all the money the...
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    REGINA v WEST LYON prediction thread

    I have seen both these teams many times at the semis and championships over the years. West Lyon is always big, strong, and smart. They always play a pretty boring smashmouth style of offense, and aren't going to be coming back from 20 points down or anything. But I also have a hard time...
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    Those who attended Semi games...

    Last year's title game was not remotely close. However, after watching Dowling in the second half I do think it will be closer than I thought at first. I have a hard time seeing Dowling win by thirty points or something unless they get some kick or punt return type touchdowns.
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    Jeremy Mosier resigns as head coach at Davenport West

    I can kind of understand why Davenport North struggles. They face similar poverty issues to schools like Waterloo East and DM North, they lack numbers, don't have a whole lot of parent support. I have been baffled by Dav. West the last decade or more. I know the school has gone downhill from...
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    Those who attended Semi games...

    The MVC/MAC teams have not defeated a central Iowa team in the finals since 2009. I grew up in the MVC and love it, but I don't know how an MVC team can be considered a favorite until they actually take care of business and win one. If you follow other classes, IC Regina is playing South...
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    ***** IN GAME THREAD - Cedar Rapids Washington vs. Bettendorf *****

    I am at the game. Bett has started playing much better but their passing game stinks. Also, a Wash assistant is an absolute embarrassment. Was sitting in front of press box and he just yelled every swear in the book every single play. Yelling at refs, yelling at players, not really sure who he...
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    best 4A state champion that lost a game?

    The 1997 Ankeny team was a pretty impressive team that could run, pass, and had probably the best kicker in Iowa HS history. They lost two games, but then got to play three loss teams in the semifinals and championships after a ton of upsets. I still think they were a great team.
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    MAC versus MVC comps

    I think you will probably hear that until the day when someone else other than Bettendorf actually goes somewhere in the playoffs. Only twice in the last eighteen seasons has a different MAC team made it to the semis. PV and North Scott have had a lot of good teams over the years but just...
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    Waterloo High Schools

    I sure hope they don't go to one high school. To have 500 kids per class does not seem like it would improve anything. Redoing district lines and totally reforming East would not be a bad thing. Decatur, Illinois was talking about doing this a couple years ago (after having three large...