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    Will there be a 2020 season?

    On line education in cities like Chicago and, I suspect, Des Moines is a joke. There are reports that in some schools 60% of the kids have simply never checked in. Not that they're not doing the work, they've simply not entering the system. My point is that failure to get schools open in the...
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    3A State Tournament

    Was surprised by SBL They are much better than the little bit I saw of them on-line. Agree Norwalk and SBL turned the most heads. Norwalk looked better to me, but honestly, I was so surprised by SBL that I am not sure I really tried to evaluate what I was seeing. 3A is down this year...
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    Congrats Garrigan

    While I suspect Garrigan is going to win, congrats to the boys in Boone! This has been one of the more enjoyable 1A finals in years. Without a semi-pro team in the tourney, this is what small town basketball should be. Radically different styles. A few hard to guard big men with limited...
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    what is your ideal type of offense?

    My serious answer is less optimal offense than optimal allocation of athletes. By that I mean, I see way too many very good QB's without a receiver and a tight end (which is much more important in most high school offenses than people realize). The team they are playing will often have a slow...
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    Time to transfer.....

    440Runner is correct. Under Holy Family policy (and, I believe the law of the state of Iowa which authorized the development of STO's) initial financial aid decisions are made by an outside vendor. In the case of Holy Family, a firm out of Ohio. After your initial ability to pay is determined...
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    4A Quarterfinals Scoreboard...

    Per Iowa Athletic Association policy the disruption/threat of disruption at CR Washington means the game with Iowa City West is a forfeit and Iowa City West wins.
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    Second Round, 4A Scoreboard...

    Looking at these scores, I am surprised by how many 20+ winning margins it looks like we are going to have. I am reminded of BCMoores' comment over on another comment chain that the better 4A teams are much better than the weaker 4A teams which are in turn really very similar to the typical...
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    First Round, 4A Scoreboard...

    North Scott 34 Hempstead 15 Cedar Falls 20 DBQ Senior 16 3A West Delaware 49 Walhert 14 (not officially over)
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    Pretty good summary of Ames-East DM fiasco

    If the Superintendent Ahart of DM schools is being completely forthcoming with his summary, the incompetence of IAHSAA is stunning and level of not-to-subtle racism from Ames is sad.
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    ****Week Eight Football Scoreboard****

    Wahlert 10 Marion 8 Half Bad play all around.
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    Regina @ CR Xavier. Who wins?

    Xavier, by 21+ points.
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    Week 8 District 4 Predictions

    Central Clinton (Better than their record) Xavier (Watched Xavier-Wahlert game last week. While I have not seen any of the top 5 4A schools, Xavier is easily the best/most complete team I have seen this year. I am at a total loss how West DBQ beat them, even on an off night.) West DBQ...
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    Down goes Xavier

    Vroom, Don't feel bad. Assumption destroyed Wahlert and yes, the 35 point rule kicked in. I never would have guessed that would have happened as Wahlert can run.
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    3A District 4 Predictions

    My picks: Assumption Xavier (in a whipping) Marion DeWitt in the upset. Bad weather helps out a not-as-bad-as-their-record Dewitt. Vroom, I agree that calling 35 point clock in the Assumption-Wahlert game is gusty bordering on slander. Assumption is 3-2 and has beaten 3 teams with a...
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    Week 5, 4A Playoff Prognosticator...

    Screw, you do interesting and thoughtful posts. I have no idea who or what has gotten you thinking ANYONE thinks differently. Now stop reading this and get to work on your best guess on 3A which is much more important and interesting.
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    BCMoore Rankings: 09/26

    I guess the one thing that strikes me is how big the drop off is from Bettendorf (#5) to Johnston. I am basing that on rating as I have not seen Johnston play, but Bettendorf is a solid, solid team as are #1-4. I suspect nearly everyone on this forum would take #1-5 and give someone the field...
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    Week 5, 4A Scoreboard...

    FYI Davenport West @ Hempstead. I think you missed it.
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    Week 5 Predictions - 3A District 4

    Dubuque Wahlert vs Epworth, Western Dubuque (my pick: Wahlert) Wahlert is playing pretty good football with real progress from the QB and defensive line. Western Dubuque seems to be going sideways. Expect Western Dubuque to open up the playbook and take some risks as well as set up alot of...
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    Week 4 District 4 Predictions

    Western Dubuque Wahlert Catholic Solon Xavier Interesting. That list is the same prediction I would make for D4 with Xavier winning, Solon 2nd, Wahlert 3rd and WD 4th
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    District 4 Matchups for Week 3

    I do not strongly disagree with anything you wrote. My comments are for what they are worth..... West Dubuque @ Maquoketa West Dubuque looks pretty good. Beat their traditional rival Beckman last weekend. From what I have been told Maquoketa just looks bad. WD wins soundly. Marion @...