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    Job Openings

    Their was Bondurant farrar ladyjays head basketball job but it got fill by Ben Anderson
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    Will there be a 2020 season?

    I'm going to said this if college are operating as normal and playing football then high schools will. Keep your eye on Australia because they are going into their winter. If it hits hard their then you know how weather effects its. Look they do have a possible emergency use drug with a doctor OK.
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    BB Coaching Openings

    Bondurant farrar head varistiy girls basketball coach hire from within the school system.
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    BB Coaching Openings

    The girls coaching job for bondurant farrar is open. HEAD VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL and several other coaching positions available for the 2020-21 school year. These could be paired with any of our current teaching openings in Math, Science, Special Education and TAG. Apply now...
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    2020 Schedules

    Their out now just got released yesterday or Thursday.
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    2020 Schedules

    Nothing on the website yet.
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    Bad news for people think its a two year cycle. It's not.

    You be shock A lot of Iowa knows but other state people moving in to the state won't know. They will be thinking it's two year cycle. Call it both ways want it to stay a one cycle. You wondering if this is a testing this one cycle thing or will they go back to a two year cycle after next year.
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    Realignment Classifications

    Iowa isn't the only having this discussion Minnesota is as well. The only problem is that the private can hand pick their talent in any sports. Now where I live in Minnesota we have two school one school is private and the other public. The private high school superintendent does it the...
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    Bad news for people think its a two year cycle. It's not.

    I just want to warn people. Some people still think it will be a two year cycle. In 3a 8 man. Yeah that could be as well
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    Bad news for people think its a two year cycle. It's not.

    It's only one year cycle because of the new waukee school in 4A because it will affect other classes.
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    If you were hoovers coach or AD who would you choose for non district

    This is the bad news. I've heard these district won't be the same next year all do to the new waukee schools coming. Be prepared for a message again.
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    What the hell happened to this forum?

    It's a dry season. It happens in every forum's. It happens a lot in Minnesota version of this.
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    If you were hoovers coach or AD who would you choose for non district

    I would do these for 3A Non district for Des Moines hoover. I did it base on closest. North Polk Bondurant farrar Gilbert or Ballard.
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    Point out on why referees call something or do not called sometimes

    Traveling you are allowed one and a half step. 3 second only begins in the front court and restart on every shot. Now the toughest calls is blocking or charging foul. Hear how I call if the player moving back on the floor I will call it a blocking. I only call blocking foul if the elbow is bent...
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    Perry - conference change?

    Maybe it's for the best that they go but to traveled down to PCM will be a long trip for them. From what I hear Greene county and Nevada try to join the raccoon river with Gilbert and North polk got accepted but Greene county and Nevada got denied by member schools the only school that voted for...
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    Tues., Feb. 18- 3A, 4A Regular Season Scores, Comments

    I was at the Bondurant and gilbert. Yeah good game but at the end I believed the referees decided that game. Now I've been a ref for three years in Minnesota. They clear made a mistake a BF kid cross the half court into the front court and they called over and back but if you want to see go...