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    Will there be a 2020 season?

    Not that good.
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    Realignment Classifications

    Almost 2,000 high schools in America play number reduced football. The most prominent is 8 man. This number increases each year and at a high percentage. Schools need this financially. Traveling to neighboring districts to join there team costs, loses gate, loses school spirit. 8 man works in...
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    Another thought about struggling with Iowa classification is what Oklahoma does. They split their top division. There are 16 in the top division. What if Iowa did that and then kept everything the same after that? ( Next 48 or 52 in each class) Even go one step farther and think if the top 16...
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    Would you add a (counting 8 man) would you add a 7 class.

    To some, I think it comes down to staying at 16 qualifiers or going to 32. If they stayed at 16 my suggestion would be: 5A- Top 16 schools by set criteria of size, success, socio-economic - Only 8 make the playoffs 4A - Next 48 3A- Next 48 2A - Next 48 1A- Next 48 A- Rest who want to play or...
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    Would you add a (counting 8 man) would you add a 7 class.

    "NotfromIowa" We know! Am sure you are a teacher of English at the University of Arkansas!
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    RPI in lower classes

    I think going to 32 will mean going to an 8 game regular season. Same amount of games. I would advocate that the teams not in play a week 9 against a team of similar district ranking in a cross over district. Respectfully disagree that it is all about concussions. Do you think the parents at...
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    RPI in lower classes

    From a coaches view, the RPI does NOT work. The state still schedules all the non-district games which has the biggest influence on the RPI. S-K in 1A goes 8-1 and does not get in?? I agree with the comment that going to 32 does help our game. More kids get in, more excitement in the programs...
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    Week 0 Top 10 Rankings

    Don't fall asleep on Roland-Story!!!
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    Week 0 Top 10 Rankings

    It depends on how good you think Midland and Remsen were last year. Baxter beat Midland mid year. They lost to Remsen early with 2 starting linemen out and then lost their all-state lineman when they were up 22-14 in the 2nd. They were competitive. They did lose many skill kids. They return a...
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    2018 Districts

    I think week 0 games counting toward the RPI had a lot of schools hesitating to commit to a game. I also think there is a big difference between a school agreeing to play mid season on a bye week and a school agreeing to week 0. Shortens summer break. Makes the first day of practice a week...
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    Week 7 Super 16

    CMB will be in very very deep this Friday. Even full handed they would struggle to hang with ALbia. Friday night the Raiders will be without 8 starters on defense and 6 starters on offense. These include their starting RB, QB, top WR and 3 LB's. These are due to both injuries and suspensions. It...
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    Week 7 Super 16

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    Football's equivalent of the Hot Stove League: projected new districts

    CMB was told they were the bubble school at 200. If PV/SEW go together they will drop. If not they will stay up.
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    Football's equivalent of the Hot Stove League: projected new districts

    Pax, I appreciate you putting all the time and effort into the district alignments. It is helpful as we project and look at the possibilities. Nice work!
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    Football's equivalent of the Hot Stove League: projected new districts

    Gilbert is 3A and I 35 is 1A. At least that is what they were sent by IAHSAA.
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    Football's equivalent of the Hot Stove League: projected new districts

    What is your best guess on the vote? Sharing or not sharing?
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    8 game schedule

    Look for IAHSAA to recommend an 8 game schedule next season. This to help lengthen time between playoff games.
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    Class A 2013

    BGM was at UNI 7 on 7 this weekend. I did not think they looked overly impressive. Was definitely not anywhere close to one of the fastest teams there.
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    Oskaloosa coaching vacancy

    Rob Luther is the Head Football coach at CMB and is also the high school principal. He has done this for the past 15-20 years.