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Strongest indication that there is an indictment coming

Why else would a Senator do this. Kinda exposes the whole Cult mantra doesn’t it? Let criminals can’t be indicted to save Trumpsky??

there have been hundred of convictions under this statute… but now…. Welll you can all just wallow in shame.

this is embarrassing to th the legislative branch… maybe more than the nomination of Herschel Walker as a candidate for the same institution.

opinions welcome.

Class 4A Prediction

State championship possible two
Waverly shell rocks, lewis center and North Scott

A couple of spoilers pick.
Indianola, Pella, DCG

Sleeper's Bondurant farrar, Norwalk.

The reason is for these base on last year and what I know.

I just pick Waverly shell rocks and Lewis central because they all ways been at state North Scott because I don't know much about them.

Pella is the question mark. They been good except last year. I went with Indianola due to their quarterback and the wide out coming back DCG has a lot coming back to I believe. Don't really know much.

Sleeping teams I went with us BF due to Their quarterback their runback a top linebacker coming back. Line will be young but do have some experience. Norwalk is because of the quarterback coming back basically it

That's my main prediction

3:00PM tomorrow

Put up or STFU

As I said… Trumpsky shot himself in the foot by revealing it…

Garland just bitch slapped Trumpsky telling him he was going to unseal the warrant info and allow to go public unless he files an objection.

Predications welcome …

He’s guilty as fvck so Im saying the chicken shit coward will object to publication of the evidence.

Trumpsky started it- Garland just finished it.