Best Pitchers? Who to watch?

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    Who are the best pitchers (by class and conference) for the upcoming 2013 season? and who should be on the watch list?
    Just to get things started, please let me know what you think.

    Class 4A:

    MAC - Derek Burkamper (Muscatine)

    MVC - Valley A.J. Puk (CR Washington)

    MVC - Mississippi -

    CIC North - Tyler Vaughn (Fort Dodge)

    CIC East - Keaton McKinney (Ankeny), Nick Belzer (Ankeny),
    Matt Johnson (Ankeny)

    CIC West - Ben Miller (Valley), Jake Reinhardt (Dowling)

    Metro - Colby Carmichael (DM East)

    MRC -

    Who to watch for: Mitch Keller (CR Xavier)

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